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Cath Dry dressing videos

How to use Cath Dry

Cath Dry dressings are suitable for a range of catheters - and are often applied by clinicians or nurses at, for example, dialysis or chemotherapy sessions. However Cath Dry dressings can be applied at home - for example, when you have home dialysis or to replace a torn dressing. See our patient information page for detailed instructions. You can also watch these videos, created by Dr Pascal Dabel, nephrologist and inventor of the Cath Dry dressing.

How to apply a Cath Dry dressing

Dr Dabel demonstrates how to apply Cath Dry – techniques useful for clinicians and nurses as well as patients.

Cath Dry dressing's unique moisture indicator ring

Cath Dry dressings have a unique moisture indicator ring. Dr Dabel explains how it works.

How to remove a Cath Dry dressing

Cath Dry, when applied correctly, is robust and designed to stay on the skin for up to 3 days. However, it is also very simple to remove when you follow the right technique.