Now available in the UK on NHS prescription!

About Cath Dry

Cath Dry dialysis dressings

Cath Dry dialysis dressings are now available in the UK on NHS prescription.
The dressings were developed by a nephrology physician in the United States, where they are also widely available.


Cath Dry reduces infections

Reducing the risk of infection

The product has undergone research and significant investment in development, to create an appliance that is not only easy to use but can reduce the risk of infection. 
Cath Dry is:
• sterile
• water resistant
• breathable
• single use
• easily removed
• hypoallergenic
• disposable.


Research conducted into the use of Cath Dry dialysis dressings has demonstrated that "use of the Cath Dry dressing contributed positively to the quality of life, dialysis experience and hygiene of our participants."

To download a copy of the research report, click here.


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Cath Dry products are available on prescription from Patient Choice in the UK.

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By ensuring Cath Dry is available in the UK we believe we can ensure patients continue to receive a fair choice of the full range of devices offered on the NHS Drug Tariff.

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About Cath Dry in the United States

Cath Dry, Inc. is a company that was founded by a physician, Dr Pascal Dabel.
The business and its core product focuses on patients with central venous catheters, delivering:
• innovation
• infection control
• a better quality of life.
To find out more about Pascal and his work, click here.